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Georgia's #1 Custom High-End Home Builder. Words are just words, but we can show you what a true custom high-end home looks like " QUALITY " this word has been used and abused by local builders, so we try not to use this word when discribing our High-End custom homes. Don't be fooled by these "quality" cheaply built homes and bad builders in Thomasville, & South Georgia. PLEASE, PLEASE really take a look when other builders claim "Custom" like builders in South Georgia. They have no idea what a true "Custom" home really is. These is truly a sheep in wolf's clothing, in other word "Spic Homes". The only type of homes you will find around Georgia are energy hog homes.

Our kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry are custom and with 10 year warranty, other builders use low end off the shelves or have a full tractor trailer of Cheap chinese cabnets for their so-called custom new homes. [...]

We are the BEST! Builder.

We are the only and first builder to offer a 2 year electrical bill guarantee with 2x6 exterior walls and 10' ceilings. Homes being built in Thomasville, GA and South Georgia, do not compare to our Energy Efficient HERS Rated homes.[...]

Energy Efficiency with HERS

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. Every Waterford Home comes with an independently certified HERS rating, which is part of our commitment to be a RESNET EnergySmart Builder. [...]


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Typical Store Front Builder

Come tour our stunning model homes and see how easy we've made it to design and decorate your ideal home. Looking at lighting or kitchen cabinets hanging in a store front show room is NOT the Same. [...]

First Class Service

We specialize in building and remodeling residential properties, with lasting and low-maintenance – also referred to as “ high performance Homes” in today’s marketplace. [...]

We offer the following services

Any new construction, remodeling or addition project an experience. Below is a list of services we offer to make sure you are completely satisfied with your construction experience[...]

Pre-Construction Phase

Cost, quality and schedule influence every decision made throughout the construction process. At CHB we carefully address these decisions in advance. Our goal is to offering the following[...]

Construction Phase

CHB’s commitment to client satisfaction extends far beyond completion of construction. We want to make sure that you enjoy your new residence for years to come. Post-construction[...]

Construction cost control

Weekly billing statement outlining current budget, cost to complete and the percentage complete on your project
· Detailed list of line-item budgets and current contracts [...]

online project management

All clients receive a critical path schedule, which charts the progress of construction on a daily and weekly basis. Critical path scheduling helps project managers, trades[...]

Client communication

Site meetings with client,project manager and superintendent are scheduled on weekly basis outlining completed work and work scheduled for the upcoming week.[...]

Onsite project control

assigns a project manager and lead carpenter to each job. Our project managers are 100% on the job sites. The lead carpenter is also on the jobsite for the duration of the project.[...]

Quality control

CHB provides the highest level of quality specified for your home. Our project managers and filed personnel continually monitor the quality of[...]

Risk management and insurance

CHB carries all the proper insurance certificates and verifies that all our trades maintain proper insurance.[...]

Post-construction phase

CHB’s commitment to client satisfaction extends far beyond completion of construction. We want to make sure that you enjoy your new residence for years to come.[...]


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I was looking for a home built in the South Georgia area. I found Capital Home Builders website and gave them a call...


>My wife and I are from Florida. We started looking for a home in Thomasville, GA. area because of the convenience of Tallahassee Fl...


CHB Eco Custom Builders are professionals in their craft. They planned and executed the job as designed, and within cost...


We have looked at homes in Valdosta and Thomasville, GA. for a while now. After speaking to a few real estate agencies in Thomasville and shown a few new homes...


Our entire experience with CHB Eco Custom Homes was a pleasure. We went over the plans of what we wanted in our home and were amazed to find out so much ...


Every new home-built by CHB Eco Custom Homes rests on foundation of quality. Each home is expertly designed and outfitted with superior industry-leading materials and features...


I was very impressed with the building company. I recently took a tour of their homes. I have not seen any other homes in South Georgia built like these custom features. True custom-built...


Homes built by CHB eco custom homes built above minimum code. You can tell by just looking at the finished product and the upgraded materials not seen in any other homes...


Love the homes.... Came down to visit family member and asked for a showing. I have not seen these type of qualify and custom features in any other homes. Well built...


I would like to thank CHB Builders for their help with our floor plan choice and custom features. Our home has been great no problems at all. The best is the energy savings we have every month...


Large selection of floor plans, I called them to ask a few questions and they answered all of my question. The staff was very nice.... I have seen many homes in South Georgia From Cairo, Thomasville...


They are very Helpful and knowledgeable about high performance home and they have a large choice of great floor plans. Thanks for all of your Help.


I would like to Thank you for sending us the information we requested on high performance homes, we are a little disappointed that you guys are not in or area yet. Thanks, Liz


Best high performance home builder. We have seen in South Georgia, Communicates and listens well. Does as promises, would recommend to anyone building new custom home. High quality workmanship and like the technology features. Very satisfied....‎


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