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#1 Custom Home Builder GA & Fl.

While other builders claim to be building energy-efficient homes by using CFL light bulbs and extra fiberglass insulation in the attic, we have sustainable, high performance building in our DNA. We been building better high-performance custom smart homes since 2005, we are the first and only Capital Home Builders, while others can copy our name they can't copy our service or high-and craftsmanship. We are the best at what we do and that's building high-performance homes.
We are the only builder in South Georgia and North Florida building HERS Rated homes with a score of 54 this puts CHB Homes on the top 1%ER in the U.S. building high-performance homes, what does this mean for our home buyer's? A utility bill of $50/per Month for a custom smart 2,500 Sq. Ft. home. ("This is a CHB gift that keep on giving" When buying a new home in Thomasville and South Georgia if it's not a high-performance home than it's built with old technology and minimum code.


Building high performance homes requires in-depth knowledge and training of energy efficiency measures, and not every builder meets these requirements. RESNET Energy Smart Builders understand how to build homes that are highly energy efficient, so that homeowners can benefit from lower energy costs and greater home comfort. They are committed to increasing the energy performance of the homes they build, and to having all of their homes energy rated as per RESNET’s rigorous standards.


Homes built in compliance with the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code score a HERS index of 100. The typical 10 year old home scores around 130 meaning it uses approximately 30% more energy than today’s code built home. Energy Star qualified homes have a maximum index of 85 and U.S. Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge qualified homes have a maximum index of 70. A typical CHB home scores from the low 50’s. This means our homes use around 50% less energy than our local competitors' new homes. Our clients are presented with documentation of the final HERS score so future resale buyers and appraisers can properly evaluate the home.

Raising the standard of luxury


The only "miracle" in Thomasville, GA is how these minimum code homes are selling for, with an overpriced H.O.A. on a small lot and with only 2x4 exterior walls, Not like our homes with 2x6 exterior walls and built to high performance. No new home built in South Georgia come close to having all of our custom features and electrical bill under $50.00/per month.

Don't hope so, Know so. Built Above Minimum Code.
We are the only builder building better homes in South, GA and North Florida.  and above Minimum Code! Others building homes in Thomasville GA, give new meaning to "bare minimum Code"! We can prove that our homes are built better than any new home built in Thomasville, South Georgia and North Florida.


First & only Builder Featured in Luxury Home Quarterly, and BUILDERnews Magazine in Georgia and Florida for being the first and only builder building Energy Smart HERS Rated homes. We are the leader On-Your-Lot Custom Builders. Green Building is no mystery. It’s Better Building. High Performance Homes For SALE.


A CHB HERS Index Score signifies a more energy efficient home. Capital Home Builders has built its reputation as the #1 best custom high-performance home builder in Thomasville and South Georgia. We GUARANTEE you will not find a better built home.

A Healthy, 
HighPerformance home goes beyond sustainability and energy efficiency; it’s a home that allows you to “Stay Well” in a healthy indoor environment.


At CHB we have our homes tested by an independent third party energy rater to make sure all of our homes achieve the lowest score based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index as we can achieve possible.

Choose your dream house plan free with us.  

Custom High Performance Homes Price from $89/Per Sq. Ft.

While others in Thomasville, GA. are building bare minimum code homes we are building custom green high-performance homes and we build it right. Don't be fooled by other website claiming $60, $70, $80/per sq.ft., that's just for framing NOT Complete house Construction. We are the only builder building high performance homes in Georgia With Energy bill GUARANTEED!

Must Read!

Our homes are HERS Rated high performance homes, we do not build LEED, Earth Craft, nor Energy Star 3.01. We incorporate recycled materials that are cost affective and available in our area. We also incorporate universal design with most of our floor plans. Our HERS Rated high performance homes are rated in the low 50's, making our homes lower than most LEED platinum, Energy Star, and Earth Craft homes. We also guarantee an electrical bill under $100.00. You will not find a home with all of our custom features and price.

Our high performance homes are superior built well-above industry standards, constructed from the highest quality and backed by third-party performance testing. We believe in a bright and sustainable future for home building.  We want to reduce our impact on the environment and provide energy savings for home owners in South Georgia. We are GA-builders of high performance homes with Ecologically Sized plans. We must be doing something right when our competitors are coming around our homes to see a better built home. Our competitors may copy our price and they may visit our homes and copy our custom features, but they can't copy the quality and high-end energy efficient construction.
Before buying a home in Thomasville, GA. educate yourself on the quality of that home because if that home is not built by us than it is built by Realtors and Home appraiser and built to bare minimum code. Our High Performance Homes are much more than energy efficient appliances and light bulbs plugged into a traditional building method.  

“High Performance homes take “green” and “sustainability” to a new level. A high performance home is a sustainable built home that save energy, conserves water, is healthier for the occupants, and is less impactful on the environment. It is more durable, lasts longer, and costs less to maintain as well. A high performance home maximizes the livability of a home, while minimizing the space and resources it needs. A high performance home is a quality home. At a basic level, a high performance home is built with the finest craftsmanship, using the best building practices and materials available, but it is also a well-designed home that fits the Owner’s needs and wants in a comfortable way, With Style! 

What is A HERS Rated High Performance Home?

You will not find a NEW HOME and get a better than "Electric bill GUARANTEED for 2 Years".

No Other Local Realtor or appraiser builds homes like we do and we say Realtor or appraiser because these are the only people building in Thomasville GA. We are true custom high performance home builder.

It's now easier than ever to own a home that is better for the environment, saves money, lasts longer, and provides superior comfort and health for your family. These are the roots of Green Construction and how we build everyday at CHB Homes.

Our homes are Design with energy-efficient envelope, water efficiency, renewable material, easy maintenance, better indoor air quality, use of less toxic materials, and locally obtainable material. We are the best at what we do. We just don't say it we can prove it and you can also find us at and If you’re a do-it-yourself guy or a professional home builder, you can find all your plumbing needs over at Plumbers Stock. The only Realtor in Thomasville, GA with the most testimonials for providing excellent service. Marlene Bienes from Thomasville, GA. is a true buyer's agent. Never buy a home From The same listing agent, this is called Dual Agency. The Listing agent is working for the seller Not you the buyer!. If you find a new home built that is not built by CHB, it's built by a Realtor. NOT A TRUE BUILDER. These Homes are built to "Bare Minimum Code" we've previewed Some of these new homes in Thomasville, GA.
CHB is the only builder in Thomasville and South Georgia building smart home automation. Our homes come wired throughout, control your surveillance camera from vacation, control your A/C unit remotely from anywhere, HDMI, Wireless access throughout. Our homes are also wired with Cat 5, RG11 and RG6 for the fastest internet access. You will not find a new home built like ours.
Finding the right builder or home in Thomasville GA. We are the Innovators of Capital Home Builders - We have the largest and best collection of home floor plans and green floor plans than any other builder or website. First Thomasville, GA. Real Estate high performance Homes.
Today many Realtors in Thomasville, GA like to use the words Green or Energy efficient without documentation backup this is “green washing at best ---- MUST READ ----- Architectural Green house plans. Coming Soon!
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