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New High-End construction, and energy Efficient Built

Specializing in High Performance Construction in Thomasville and around South Georgia.Capital Home Builders is a one-of-kind builder, whose work is, Superiority and High-End. We carefully take each homeowner in hand and, step-by-step, reveal all the great benefits that our high performance construction offers — all within their budget.

The first and only HERS Energy Efficient Custom built home in Shepard's Way at Peacock Pointe Subdivision - Thomasville GA Real Estate. Now you see many homes for sale in the local MLS in the price range of $169,000 to $189,000. Our Home was listed and SOLD for $164,900. Now our homes come with 10' ceiling, 2 year electrical bill guaranteed and the average electrical bill is $53/per month for our homes. All of our homes are built with smart home Technology, Granite throughout and High-End Materials. This home just like all of our homes appraised high in value then any other builder homes in Thomasville, and Georgia. This home appraised at $180,000 Now why would you pay for older homes with less features? So if you are not buying a CHB Home you are getting ripped off and not getting your money's worth.

The Best House Ever

What makes Capital Home Builders unique is our astounding knowledge, our attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to build the best house we can possibly build.High performing, long-lasting homes do not have to be unreasonably pricey. Acutely aware of the costs, our’ years of experience ensures every penny returns extra value for the homeowner.

High Performance Made Easy

You don’t need to be an expert on energy efficiency, advanced framing techniques or environmentally-friendly detailed. We cover every detail and thoughtfully guide you through the decision making process. We believe the building process and client collaboration should be as exciting and fun as walking into your beautiful new home!

Enormous Value

From the moment you cross the threshold, we hope you feel the comfort and relish in the beauty of your new home. You will love the big savings on everything from utility costs, upkeep and repairs and even healthcare costs, all thanks to the tight construction and premium quality materials.

Not to mention the added value you’ll appreciate should you put the home on the market someday

The CHB Guarantee

We and our team have one fundamental goal in mind — and that is to build a creative, visually stunning home that provides plenty of comfortable living for years and years.


We believe in our Mission Statement

The Capital Home Builders mission is to develop land and living spaces in a way that creates economic, ecological, and social value to all our homeowners.

Economic value is created when a home is built to save its homeowner money and creates financial value and stability for our new homeowners.

Ecological value is created and protected with the utilization of construction techniques and materials that reduce impact on existing ecosystems.

Social value is created by educating others – and future generations – on the benefits of sustainable living.



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