WE are the First Custom and Green Smart Home Builder. No other builder Compares to our high-end materials, Services. We only build above minimum code. Other Do Not


I was looking for a home built in the South Georgia area. I found Capital Home Builders website and gave them a call. I spoke with Tony about what I was looking for in a quality home. He shared his experienced with the process of home building that I was not aware of and the lack of true quality and homes being built around Thomasville, GA. From my understanding some of the new homes being built are being built by non-qualified people working under someone else’s licensed with no building knowledge. I was also informed that the state of Georgia does not have anytime of roofing license, so when you get your roof repaired it is being fixed by someone with not type of insurance or qualifications. WOW!


My wife and I are from Florida. We started looking for a home in Thomasville, GA. area because of the convenience of Tallahassee Fl. Being so close and still living in the country. We visited a few real estate offices and shown a few old and new really small homes and a few big new homes built. We were not impressed with what we saw. We did see that the homes had a lot of millwork in the inside, but the quality of work was not there. The exterior of these homes was also lacking quality. We spent a few days in town and driving around, we found a home-built by Capital Home Builders we called them and they showed us their custom homes. We were diffidently impressed with the quality and high-end features of their homes. After talking with the builder we really got an eye-opening on what to look for when buy a new home in Thomasville, GA. Now we understand that cheap price goes with cheap quality and low-end materials. When our home sales we are definitely going to have our home-builtwith Capital Home Builders…..Thanks,


CHB Eco Custom Builders are professionals in their craft. They planned and executed the job as designed, and within cost. They are courteous, kept me informed and worked with me on selection of items and appointments. I could not be more pleased with the beautiful work they completed. I have already recommended CHB to friends for their building needs. Out of the few true custom home builders in Thomasville, and South Georgia they are #1 for us. They build above minimum code from what we have seen. Not like other homes we have seen being built to bare minimum code.


We have looked at homes in Valdosta and Thomasville, GA. for a while now. After speaking to a few real estate agencies in Thomasville and shown a few new homes, but we did not see the quality we were looking for in these homes. We started looking on the internet for builders in Thomasville and Valdosta and found this company Capital Home Builders, we called them to see the type of work they did since energy efficiency kind of sounded appealing. We had an opportunity to tour a home they currently had for sale and we where impressed by what we saw. We were not told or shown any homes from Capital Home Builders or the options of an Energy Star Labeled home or what that meant. We plan to build our home in Valdosta GA and selecting our plan.

Aug 29, 2011


Homes built by CHB eco custom homes built above minimum code. You can tell by just looking at the finished product and the upgraded materials not seen in any other homes. We had to go with a leased expansive home. Thank you for the showing.

Aug 25, 2011


Love the homes...... Came down to visit family member and asked for a showing. I have not seen these type of qualify and custom features in any other homes. Well built. Planning on moving down soon.

Aug 24, 2011


Large selection of floor plans, I called them to ask a few questions and they answered all of my question. The staff was very nice.... Unfortunately they do not build in the Atlanta area.

Jul 11, 2011


They are very Helpful and knowledgeable about high performance home and they have a large choice of great floor plans. Thanks for all of your Help.

Jan 29, 2011


I would like to Thank you for sending us the information we requested on high performance homes, we are a little disappointed that you guys are not in our area yet. Thanks, Liz

Jan 29, 2011



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